At Crystal Clear, we love skincare! It’s our passion, and we live and breathe it both in the office, in our salon and after hours. So whilst skincare enthusiasts like us, are all too familiar with the jargon used in the beauty world, we thought it might be a good idea to bring it back to basics and explain what all of the terms we use, actually mean, and how they can benefit your skincare routine!

This week we’re going to focus one of our skincare heroes – Serums!

Serums are really beneficial to introduce into your daily skincare routine. Which is why you’ll notice we have quite a few here in our product ranges.

Serums are designed to be lighter and therefore better at penetrating the skin, as their molecular structure tends to be smaller (we promise to not use too many scientific words!). This means that they are able to deliver active ingredients into deeper layers of the skin, and so helping them to do their job even better, whether it’s for hydration, anti-ageing, or plumping. Choose your serum depending on what it is your skin needs.

When you use your serum, depends on what you need it to do.

UIMG_20160603_092349460_HDRsing your serum at night is the most effective time for anti-ageing ingredients. Why? Because the skin is rested and in its natural process of renewal and stimulating regeneration. You see, you really do need beauty sleep! Our Intense Anti-Ageing Serum  has an active peptides and oxygen complex, which helps to restore and repair dry, ageing skin. The result is fabulously firmer and younger-looking skin with wrinkles plumped from within while you sleep.

But for oily, spot prone, problematic skin, using a serum like our No Shine Serum, during the day before your normal moisturiser, means shine can be kept at bay all day. And because we’ve added in Salicylic Acid, skin has an extra layer of anti-bacterial protection all day long, helping to reduce any spots and redness already there, and preventing more spots from appearing. Whilst reducing the appearance of pores

If your skin is in need of a hydration hit, then why not take our 10-day challenge with Oxygen Serum?  Using one half each serum tube every evening, this moisturising heavy weight will rejuvenate and hydrate, and within 10 days lines and wrinkles are smoothed and the skin is brighter.