Hungover Skin

We all dread the feeling the morning after several glasses of wine. Besides making us groggy and headachy, a hangover actually has an array of effects on us which we can’t feel straight away. One of these is on our skin! When we indulge in too much alcohol, our skin goes through a tough time, because alcohol really […]


How Seriously do you Take Your Selfies?

The selfie has become a phenomenon over the past few years. In fact, an irritating track a few years ago demonstrated the agonising dilemma that many young people go through: “Can you guys help me pick a filter? I don’t know if I should go with XX Pro or Valencia I wanna look tan What should my […]


The Modern Male

  This week’s guest blog post is written by one of the outnumbered men here at Crystal Clear! Over the past few years, there have been many changes to the modern male. We’ve all seen man buns (your author holds his hands up!), large beards, rise in expert beer tasters, a cult following of crossfit enthusiasts […]

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