Understanding Sun Protection

  The sun finally has it’s hat on so (for the most part), which means sun cream all round! But all the different terminology used can be confusing, UV, UVR, UVC, SPF, UVA, what?? So we thought we’d put together a quick guide on what you should be using to protect your skin from the suns […]


Father’s Day

This weeks blog is a guest post, written by John, one of the very outnumbered men in the Crystal Clear Head Office, male skincare expert, and advocate for better presents for dads! Father’s Day is soon upon us (19th June, don’t say we didn’t warn you!), but let’s face it, we do the same thing […]


DIY Beauty

We give our take on the DIY beauty trends that are sweeping the web! If you’re a social media regular, then you’ve probably seen one of the many DIY beauty tips that have gone viral. Everyone wants to know if they can save money and still look beautiful! We love it when new tricks and tips […]

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