100 Layers of Face Mask?!

  You may have seen a particular video circulating around, of a beauty blogger who applied a whopping 100 layers of foundation. Yes, we couldn’t help but think of the pore damage either! After a backlash of concern by beauty enthusiasts for the welfare of her skin, the blogger took a very logical approach in how […]


Beat the Shine

Most of us don’t have perfect skin, that’s just a fact of life! So the chances are, if you don’t have dry skin, you’re probably prone to an oily T-zone and shiny patches. Which means on our voyage for that soft, dewy complexion, there is often a fine line between glowing and super super shiny! But don’t […]


DIY Beauty

We give our take on the DIY beauty trends that are sweeping the web! If you’re a social media regular, then you’ve probably seen one of the many DIY beauty tips that have gone viral. Everyone wants to know if they can save money and still look beautiful! We love it when new tricks and tips […]

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