Crystal Clear 100 Layers of Mask?


You may have seen a particular video circulating around, of a beauty blogger who applied a whopping 100 layers of foundation. Yes, we couldn’t help but think of the pore damage either! After a backlash of concern by beauty enthusiasts for the welfare of her skin, the blogger took a very logical approach in how to rejuvenate her skin. Why not use 100 layers of face mask?

The face mask is applied layer by layer, and besides the obvious discomfort that the beauty blogger is enduring, we really couldn’t understand why someone would do such a thing to their skin… particularly as we developed a supercharged face mask called 10 Minute Glow!

Thankfully with 10 Minute Glow, you don’t need to apply 100 layers and dry it with a hairdryer inbetween! You only need to apply a single thin layer and watch as tired, congested skin is given a stunning glow, in just 10 minutes flat!

But how have we made such an effective face mask?

Unlike the majority of face masks available, 10 Minute Glow was designed with highly charged active ingredients that work to tackle problem zones and deeply cleanse, whilst hydrating the skin and minimising pores. This leaves the skin looking glowing and revived.

We chose AC Net, which helps to control bacterial growth on the skin whilst reducing inflammation. It’s phenomenal at treating problem and oily skin and minimising pores. Perfect for when you’re having a dreaded breakout. You can even apply it directly over spots as a targeted treatment to reduce inflammation. We’ve complimented this with Papaya fruit and lemon extract, natural exfoliants which leave your skin glowing and revived. It’s a perfect party pick-me-up!

For optimum results, use 10 Minute Glow once a week to keep your skin radiant and free from congestion (but only one layer at a time!)