So who’s excited that summer is FINALLY here? We know there were a few lovely days in May, but now it’s July, it’s actually summer!

Which of course means our skin goes into meltdown at the change of seasons, sun, heat, make-up getting sticky, sweating more, air conditioning, chlorine filled swimming pools and effects of lots of late evenings spent drinking a cold beer or G&T in a warm garden or at a festival.

And when we travel, we don’t always think about what our skin needs, as much as what our weight allowance is, or what’s nearly empty, so may as well come with us to be finished and binned while we’re on holiday. You know you’ve done it!

So to help with skin meltdowns, luggage allowance dilemmas and general summer skincare issues, we’ve got mini skincare sets to suit every skin type. Containing products small enough to fit into hand luggage, but mighty enough to keep your skin happy and glowing all summer long.