Want to grow your salon or spa?

Crystal Clear is here to help you! Working with our PR agency, Hards PR, we can help you generate publicity locally and spread the word out about your Crystal Clear Salon.

Hards PR will contact the media in your area, including newspapers, magazines and online sites to help engage potential customers and give your spa or salon a boost.

Ways in which this can work includes:

  • Competitions. People love free stuff! A great way where everyone benefits is to run a competition, offering a Crystal Clear treatment as the top prize, with extra prizes of £15 off vouchers for an agreed number of runners-up. Simply let Hards PR know which treatments you offer and a bit about your salon and they can contact the local paper on your behalf to arrange this.
  • Crystal Clear will reimburse you with the cost of the facial plus supply the cost of the £15 off vouchers. It’s a win-win!
  • Offer something free. A great way to attract regional press is to invite the local beauty editor to your salon or spa for a complimentary Crystal Clear treatment, especially if you are offering a new one. It’s a great way to meet your local reporter face-to-face as well as for them to experience your salon. A positive experience will translate to a great review!

What we need from you:

  • Full details of your salon or spa: name of the business, address, email, telephone number, owner’s name (or the name of the contact to work with)
  • Black and white as well as colour photos of the salon or spa in case they are requested by the media, which they often are.
  • Focus on things that are cutting edge such as a new Crystal Clear treatment you have recently taken on.

Just get in touch with Janice Hards at Hards PR. janice@hardspr.com  or call 020 8318 1181