Crystal Clear COMCIT Parts & Accessories

We live in a world where people want instant results from their beauty product and treatments. And who can blame them? We live in a demanding world where time is precious, and there are so many ‘instant’ treatments and products on offer.

YouTube is full of it, there are thousands upon thousands of videos all filled to helping you achieve immaculate skin in seconds. This sometimes involves using suspicious household items and other whacky goods on your delicate skin. There are apparently hundreds of ways in which you can use coconut oil, and we’ve even heard stories of skincare pilgrims using mayonnaise on their crusade for younger skin. Doesn’t sound the most enjoyable or effective treatment, does it?

So, is there really a beauty treatment which gives instant results?

Well, in 2012, we started developing a new technology called ‘Cryo Oxygen Microchanneling Collagen Induction Technology.’ This works by putting painless microchannels into the skin, allowing for oxygen, and our highly active topical infusions to be pushed through the dermal epidermal junction. This stimulates collagen production, rejuvenating problem and ageing skin. This groundbreaking technology took over 2 years to develop by our founder Sharon Hilditch MBE. We proudly presented COMCIT to the world in 2014 and we haven’t looked back since!

People are simple amazed at the instant results of COMCIT. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and plumped out after a single treatment. It expertly treats stretch marks, cellulite, acne scarring and pigmentation marks. And what’s more, there’s no downtime. You could even have this treatment on your lunch break! Although we recommend a course of 6 treatments for optimum results, the results after just one treatment are incredible.

Want to see COMCIT in action? Check out our video here.