Cerys Millington is our International Sales Manager and spends her time at Crystal Clear Headquarters and jetting all over the world supporting our Salons to launch new products, ranges and skincare treatments.

What’s you best skincare tip?

With 25 years experience in Skincare, and with a great viewpoint from across the globe we thought Cerys would be a good person to ask – ‘what’s your best skincare tip’?

Surprisingly it isn’t a fancy product or treatment, rather the mantra all the skincare greats echo. Cerys tells us, “You cannot underestimate how important it is to keep skin hydrated on a daily basis. The effects of anything else we use on our skin will be dramatically reduced if the skin isn’t hydrated in the first place. The products you use won’t penetrate correctly and therefore you won’t see the impressive results you’re after or maybe other people boast. Worse, you won’t notice much change to your skin.”

Hydrate all year round

A lot of people understand this but make the mistake of only applying it when it’s hot or when they’re travelling but Cerys is certain, “You need to look after your hydration every single day, all year round – it’s not just a summer thing. If you know any keen runners or you are one yourself, you’ll know they talk about hydrating the day before big races. If you are hydrated, your body feels better and can perform better. The same is true for your skin. If you’ve got an important day ahead or glamorous night out – hydrate well the day before and you’ll notice a sparkle. Your skin will feel lighter and brighter to you. And people will notice!”

Cerys is sat behind a desk, driving or flying a lot in her job so we wanted to know what her secret to keeping hydrated is.

Liquid intake is key

“Obviously liquid intake is the most important thing. I drink a lot of cold water, love smoothies and protein shakes but people worry a lot about caffeine. Everyone has a contradicting theory but coffee or tea are still fine for hydration, as long as they’re not the main part of your liquid intake. As always, it’s about moderation.

Tonics & spritz will add to hydration

But if you want to go a little further – Crystal Clear Revitalising Tonic is a daily must throughout the year for me. It’s permanently on my desk, in my car, in my handbag! In the summer or on holidays I keep it in the fridge and use it as a hydrating spritz. It reduces any risk of suffering with dehydrated skin.”

So there you have it. Drink lots, and perhaps invest in a hydration tonic or spritz if you want to go a little further. We hope you’ve liked this skincare tip from the top. We’re going to ask one of our Salon’s for the next tip so – watch this space.