We all dread the feeling the morning after several glasses of wine. Besides making us groggy and headachy, a hangover actually has an array of effects on us which we can’t feel straight away. One of these is on our skin!

When we indulge in too much alcohol, our skin goes through a tough time, because alcohol really dehydrates your body. Dehydrated skin make your complexion dull, dry and lifeless. But luckily Crystal Clear are at your side with some amazing products to give your skin some TLC and to cover any evidence of those G&T’s!

Start off by cleansing skin with our Deep Cleanse Gel. Whilst your skin may be dehydrated, your body is desperately trying to get rid of the toxins (alcohol). This can lead to breakouts, which is the last thing you need! Using Deep Cleanse Gel will leave the skin purified and also moisturised. If you’ve left your make-up on from the night before (naughty naughty!) then Deep Cleanse Gel will remove any last traces of it, including waterproof mascara.

You know how you feel much better after a good breakfast when you’re hungover? Well, your skin needs feeding too, so replenish it with a good moisturiser. Give Illuminate a shot, it’s brightening and hydrating, so ideal for dull and lifeless skin. And it creates a perfect make-up base. Ideal if you plan to conceal any dark circles! Oh and it’s SPF15, so will keep you protected from the sun!

If you’re suffering with a hangover, and probably lack of sleep too, it’s likely that your eyes will look a little puffy from water retention. Use the clever roller ball on our Roll Away The Years Eye Serum  to hydrate, softening fine lines and reduce dark circles and puffiness.

We know that it won’t be plain sailing the following day. That’s why we’ve made a spritz to keep you energised when your skin (and mind) need a boost. Revitalising Tonic is a gentle sprits which rebalances and hydrates your skin, while the soothing scent gives you a few seconds of calm and peace. Great for a mid-afternoon pick me up.

If you’re short of time, Lift Away The Years is our ultimate beauty tool for instantly glowing skin. It uses sonic technology to firm and rejuvenate, whilst our clinically proven Intense Anti-Ageing Serum hydrates and plumps out the skin. After just 60 seconds use, the results are clear and you look refreshed. What hangover?

As always with skin, hydration is key, remember to drink lots and lots of water the following day!