As the nights are getting cooler, we’re often tempted to get back home, turn up the heating and curl up on the sofa. Perfect!

We all love the warmth, but have you ever stopped to think about how our skin fares when we rack up the heat?

The combination of cold weather and central heating can create a harsh environment for the skin. The change of hot to cold can lead to increased skin sensitivity and dryness during the colder months. This results in the unwanted dull winter complexion – certainly not something that you want on your journey for flawless skin!

How do I beat winter?

The first step that you can take is to include cleansing and exfoliation into your daily skincare regimen. The build-up of dead skin cells and sebum, sadly prevent you from achieving that beautiful glow. Daily exfoliation will help to tackle this build up and restore a healthy, beautiful glow. Time is precious and for that reason, we designed a fast and simple deep cleanse and home-microdermabrasion brush called Ionic Sonic Cleanse. 

Ionic Sonic Cleanse was born out of our ethos of making skincare that works. We’ve combined negative ions and ultrasonic action, giving you a beautifully cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated skin.

What are negative ions?

This is where the groundbreaking technology of our Ionic Sonic Cleanse really benefits your skin during the winter. Ever wondered why your skin feels so refreshed after walking in a forest or near to a waterfall? Negative ions are found in earth elements that are found near to these areas. We’ve brought this phenomenon directly to your home!

Step 1 – Cleanse

Cleanse your skin with our Soothing Cleansing Gel. It’s soap-free and gentle on the skin. Not only does it dissolve grease, grime and sebum, its moisturising properties ensure that your skin is replenished during these cold months.

Step 2 – Exfoliate

Our Crystal Polish is a real wonder during winter! Free from any microbeads, it gets uses fine micro crystals and the precious stone Garnet create a mild microdermabrasion effect. It works in perfect harmony with the Ionic Sonic Cleanse brush, exfoliating and polishing the skin. Keeping in line with our ethos of making skincare that works, Crystal Polish uses essential oils and anti-ageing peptides to keep the skin supple and revitalised. It doesn’t stop there… active ingredient Matrixyl 3000 stimulates a ‘heal and repair’ response, reducing wrinkles and increasing elasticity.

Step 3 – Hydrate

Finalise your combat against winter with our clinically proven Skin Repair firming anti-ageing moisturise. It reduces wrinkles by 22% and firms the skin by 14%, so it means you’re ready for the party season ahead! Skin Repair also contains a unique blend of silk and oat proteins moisturiser and lift the skin. We’ve also got you shielded from any damage from central heating thanks to Alistin which protects your skin from any environmental damage.

Ready to tackle winter? Buy your Ionic Sonic Cleanse here or click here to find your local approved Crystal Clear salon.