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Acne can be a real pain. Plain and simple!

We’re always looking for new ways to stay creative and to combat those unwanted breakouts! They say sharing is caring and the internet is brilliant for us skincare fanatics to share our tips and tricks. We all want one thing – perfect skin!

Recently, we saw a video starring a very popular Canadian beauty blogger tackling pimples. As opposed to using the tried and tested conventional methods of skincare, they used a very different substance.


Yes, the very same ingredient that adds flare to your food! Sounds intruiguing, but does it actually work?

The blogger cuts into a garlic clove, but rather than rubbing it over a bruschetta, it is rubbed directly onto the condemned zit! This made us flinch a little!

This is left on overnight and magically, the zit has vanished! So, straight to the supermarket?

Probably best not to until you’ve finished reading this article!

Garlic is great for your overall health. It also has strong anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties. However, it is extremely harsh on your skin (not to mention the smell!).  If you’ve got sensitive skin, avoid this one at all costs. You see, the antimicrobial properties of the chemical compound found in garilc is called Allicin. This potentially can reduce the size and redness of your pimples but at the same time it can also cause dermatitis and painful blisters!

So, how do we take control and say goodbye to breakouts?

Step 1. Make sure you cleanse your skin! Use a good facial cleanser such as our popular Deep Cleanse Gel.  This dissolves grease, grime and excess sebum, leaving your skin refreshed. It will also take off every scrap of make-up, essential if you rely on concealer and foundation to cover up any problem areas.

Step 2. Use a good, bacteria fighting mask! 10 Minute Glow is our acne saviour. Apart from being an absolute breeze to use, it kills 90% of bacteria from the first application, making your skin a no-go zone for acne. We’ve put a clever ingredient called AC Net into Crystal Clear Skincare Group Shotour 10 Minute Glow. It’s a plant based acid that’s anti-inflammatory and regulates sebum secretion – goodbye red and oily skin! You can either apply a full face, or use it as a topical spot treatment.

Step 3. If you’re suffering from oily, problematic skin, it will help to keep your sebum levels in check! No Shine Serum is ingenious as it tightens pores and reduces the amount of sebum produced. Meanwhile, the Salicylic Acid offers anti-bacterial protection and helps calm any active spots! If you do want to cover any up with make-up, then No Shine Serum also creates a perfect mattifying make-up base!

Winning step. Pop into your local salon for a Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy Treatment. The concentrated Oxygen Serum and pure oxygen used in this relaxing treatment, will soothe, calm and purify skin, whilst providing deep down anti-bacterial, spot fighting help for problematic skin!