Crystal Clear Skincare Choosing Skincare in your Twenties

If you’re in your twenties, the last thing that you’ll be expecting is ageing skin. After all, you can get by on 3 hours sleep and probably get away with overindulging in food and drink. Surely your skin will be as resilient as the rest of you?Crystal Clear Skincare Choosing Skincare in your Twenties

We wish there was a nicer way of saying this, but quite simply, no!

Whilst we can still party like 1999, sadly our skin has other ideas. In fact it starts ageing when we hit our mid-twenties. But don’t worry just yet! Our fabulous Stay Young range  can effectively help slow down the ageing process by boosting the collagen we naturally lose as we grow older. This makes the skin firm and plump and keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Our Oxygen Serum is a carefully designed, anti-ageing powerhouse. Rejuvenating the skin, increasing  firmness, and actively stimulating collagen production! Oxygen Serum is used in our celebrity favourite Oxygen Therapy treatment, because it gives an instant glow. But it can be used as an at-home skin booster, used every night for 25 days, skin will be firmer, plumper, more hydrated and youthful. Incredible! If you’re having a bout of mid-twenties acne, this is ideal as it has anti-bacterial properties. We know, an anti-ageing and anti-acne serum in one – magical!

As we age, our body doesn’t shed dead skin cells as rapidly as it used to. This leaves the skin looking dull, and so exfoliation becomes a must in your daily skincare regime to keep skin soft and glowingCrystal Clear Skincare - Ionic Sonic Cleanse. Try our Crystal Face & Body Polish, it instantly smoothes and nourishes thanks to its clever blend of fine micro crystals, Acacia honey and essential oils. It’s basically like having a microdermabrasion treatment at home.

Or to supercharge your cleansing routine, try our Ionic Sonic Cleanse. This beauty gadget helps to cleanse and exfoliate the face and body, using negative ions and ultra-sonic vibrations, it pulls toxins and pollutants away from the skin’s surface. The bloggers are raving about it! And who can blame them? It leaves your skin beautifully smooth ready to drink in your skincare.

Which is where we introduce Illuminate, our pick of moisturiser for younger skin. It instantly brightens, firms and hydrates your skin, diminishing uneven skin tone and protecting skin from sun damage with SPF 15. The most important factor in keeping skin looking young for years to come. It’s also the perfect make-up base, fab!

When the weekend approaches, don’t let your skin hold you back! If you’ve partied a little too hard, we’ve got the perfect fix to sort those tired looking eyes. Roll Away The Years firms and strengthens the delicate eye area while using ingredients including Tetrapeptide and Oxygen Complex to reduce puffy eyes, stimulating cell metabolism, whilst regenerating and revitalising the area. Simply roll from the corner of the eye towards the temple. Then repeat on the brow line. Just do this 3 times and you’ll be back to normal. For an extra refreshing zing, store your Roll Away The Years in the fridge and use it cold!

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