Post summer, it is likely that your skin is going to be dull and tired. Besides the effects of sitting out in the sun for too long with a Pimms, this sadly happens to all of us in our adult life. But why?

Oxygen breathes life and energy into every living cell. As we age, our skin’s oxygen levels decrease. Even as we hit the youthful age of 25, our oxygen levels are already decreasing! This means that the skin can become dull, and fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. This is certainly not welcomed on our quest for perfect skin!

But fear not, we (as always) have a solution to keep your skin’s ageing at bay through a winning combination of science and skincare.

We created our Oxygen Therapy treatment to rejuvenate skin and save the world from tired skin! Word quickly spread and it wasn’t long before the likes of Madonna and Jude Law became Crystal Clear fans. And who can blame them? We all want flawless skin!

But how does it work?

Pure Oxygen is used to push our amazing Oxygen Serum into the skin thanks to punctured jet systems (nothing painful or scary). The active ingredients in Oxygen Serum are then able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. This helps the ingredients get where they need to, to rebuild the skin, smoothe lines and wrinkles, and increase the skin’s firmness. It’s fabulous for dull skin, but also for helping to soothe and calm acne, as Oxygen is anti-bacterial and a great anti-inflammatory.

The best bit? There’s no downtime, so it’s perfect to have on your lunch break!

But the effects of Oxygen Therapy don’t stop there. You can enhance your skin from the comfort of your home! Why not take your very own 10 day challenge with Oxygen Serum? It provides a 10-day intensive skin rejuvenation treatment. The clever serum contains unique ingredients to rejuvenate the skin. Facial lines and wrinkles are smoothed and the skin is brighter and hydrated. It uses a clever ingredient called Perfluorodecalin, which carries Oxygen deep into the skin, whilst plumping out the cells and soothing any blemishes and breakouts.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of oxygen in a facial exfoliator, we’ve got you covered too! Oxygen Face Polish  is perfect for all skin types – especially sesnsitive skin. It uses biotechnologically-derived agent called Oxylastil, which stimulates cell turnover and repairs and restructures the skin. Combined with Jojoba beads, it leaves your skin visibly softer and smoother.