Most of us don’t have perfect skin, that’s just a fact of life! So the chances are, if you don’t have dry skin, you’re probably prone to an oily T-zone and shiny patches. Which means on our voyage for that soft, dewy complexion, there is often a fine line between glowing and super super shiny!

But don’t fear, you’re not alone. You just have to open YouTube to see many of the interesting ‘expert’ videos and realise that millions of us go through the same annoyance every day!


A shiny face is caused by a build up of sebum. That’s the oil secreted through the pores onto the skin’s surface. It’s actually produced by the body to naturally hydrate the skin, which is great, but unfortunately sebum builds up very quickly, particularly in the T-zone. This blocks pores and makes the ideal climate for unwanted spots and blemishes, leaves make-up patchy and gives our confidence a hit. This is something that we don’t like at Crystal Clear!

But how do we tackle this?

According to one well known beauty vlogger, you should be applying a deodorant stick to your face throughout the day to get rid of those shiny patches. Ok, so we’ll stop right there; this is definitely a bad idea!

Surprisingly enough, deodorant wasn’t developed to be used in direct contact with facial skin. Deodorant can be harsh on your skin at the best of times, let alone in contact with your delicate face! This can lead to skin irritation and possible allergic reactions and breakouts. It’s not worth it in our eyes!

Fear not! We’ve got some fantastic deodorant free alternatives that will free your skin of the shine and just leave a glowing complexion. Sounds good?

Our Deep Cleanse Gel is a fantastic soap free foaming daily cleanser that moisturises and protects the skin. It dissolves grease and that irritating excess sebum! What’s more it’s a fantastic make-up remover. How handy!

After cleansing your skin, our incredible No Shine Serum will take over duties. This hard working, shine killing moisturiser was specifically designed for oily and problematic skin. As the name suggets, it reduces the shine associated with oily skin, whilst hydrating, purifying and preventing surface sebum. It tightens pores, whilst reducing further oil excretions, so you can go through your day in confidence! Oh and it also acts as a amazing mattifying make-up base…need we say more!